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We believe that many of the RPGs out there have lost their way. They deny the creativity of both the player and the game controller. We are here to guide you back to the way RPGs were meant to be. Not with the same old rules. But with rules that allow your GM control what his or her campaign will feel like and where it will go? Do you a character concept that does not fit into a class? You can advance your character exactly the way you want.

GenIsys lets you take control. But first I want to say we are not perfect. We make mistakes. We will admit them and fix them, and we have put together a process that when we do, you don’t have to buy a new book. Also, we do have to make some money, but at the same time, we know your money has a lot of demands on it. For this reason, we are going to offer a ton of free material and ways to extend the usefulness of the material you may already have. But we have to pay the bills so we hope you buy the products we have for sale.

Finally, we hope you will not only be happy with the vision we have for our products. We hope you will chime in with your thoughts and ideas about what we have done. We also want your help. We can't do it all. If you have ideas or new directions we want to hear them.

Current Product Lines

Cyberpunk GenIsys: Cyberpunk GenIsys is the Cyberpunk RPG genre at its best. The technology has a scalable mechanic. It has an excellent point buy system and a dozen classes. The system comes with all, blood and death you hate to love in your cyberpunk style campaigns. It is a 2d10 system with lots of flexibility and growth for the characters as well as the campaign. It is currently available.

The GenIsys Tome: This is a fantasy role-playing system. It is a 2d10 point buy system with a completely customizable spell creation and customization mechanic. The system does not have any classes but offers optional groups that your players can join to further their power and role-playing options. The release should occur by 4Q 2017.

Intergalactic: As time progresses your depraved world and the Razor's Edge enters a new era in space. This game system will work just fine as a stand-alone, or if you have a Cyberpunk GenIsys campaign, there are two great lead-ins. The two prologs depend on the success of your Razors. The release should occur by 3Q 2018.

Intergalactic is currently in development. I have the most of the mechanics worked out. Next are phase includes gear and a few starships. Will need an artist for this as well.

Updated 10/05/2017

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