Cyberpunk has been a love of ours for a few decades and in playing it lately we came to find it was just too out of date.

In CyberGenIsys we wanted to keep that cool ease of death but at the same time bring in some of the more modern game mechanics that have evolved in the last 30 years since the Cyberpunk 2020 by RTRG was born.

Further to make the game a little more about you and less about your dice we added a d10, making it a 2d10 system.

Combat is deadly there are hit location and we have created some hit points of sorts similar to the old way but they scale a bit.

We have added some backgrounds like City Rat to add some more variety to each character. We have 12 defined the classes and given them some specialties so not every gun toating mercenary will be identical.

There is cyberware, it is scalable by the era of your campaign. We also have lots of guns and other toys that go boom. Net running is streamlined to work in line with combat.

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