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Cyberpunk GenIsys is a Cyberpunk Genre RPG, with the cold reality of death brought into the 21st century with some up to date RPG gaming design.

We are making the game more about you and less about your dice we changed from an old style 1d10 system to a 2d10 system and added many new features.

Combat is deadly, and being maimed is guaranteed with hit locations, and we have created some hit points of sorts with some old flavor, they do scale a bit. We have added some backgrounds like City Rat to add some more variety to each character. We have 12 defined the classes and given them some specialties so not every gun-toating mercenary will be identical. Classes are not required though. It will be easy for players and GCs to add specialties to any existing class.

There is cyber ware; it is scalable based on the era of your campaign. We also have lots of guns and other toys that reak mayhem on the world around you. Net running is streamlined to work in line with combat.

The Razor's Edge: The world of Cyberpunk GenIsys is a dark world filled with death looming around every corner. Will your character walk the Razor's Edge and try to help the world, or will they take their piece of it before death finds them?

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