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To by the core book you can buy the PDF for $15.00 or you can send $28.00 for a softcover book. Make payment via PayPal to I will ship it USPS anywhere in the U.S.

This is our core book. It has both player and GM information. This nearly 300 page tome contians all of information to create characters. There are spell seeds, rituals, devotions, magic items, equipment and everything else you need to create characters.

The characters are created with a point buy system, buying everything from abilty scores, skills and capabilities.

The spell system is the highlight of our work, with every spell seed definable by the caster at the time of casting. He can pick his seed and define what it does and how it does it. He can do this as long as he has mana. Mana regenerates each round so say goodbye to the 5 minute work day.

We have finsihed the Magic Item Creation guide and have a 20+ page book of magic items. This will be a living PDF and I will update it regularly with new magic items both from myself and contributers. I also have a quick Excel spread sheet where you plug in a few details and it calculates equity cost for items. It also can calcuatle gold cost for potions and scrollsl.

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Here is a rough FAQ for the Core book, Tome of the Gods and the character sheet.

Character Walk Through:

Character Creation Walkthrough. Seth did this Character Creation Walkthrough. I have posted it on the site. Have a look.

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