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Product Line Product # Name Availability
Cyberpunk GenIsys CPG-01 Cyberpunk GenIsys Now
Cyberpunk GenIsys CPGO-004 13 Pregenerated Characters May 2018
Cyberpunk GenIsys Mission CPGO-001 Out on the Bayou May 2018
Cyberpunk GenIsys Mission CPGO-002 Young Pups in too Deep May 2018
Cyberpunk GenIsys AddOns CPGA-001 TV Show Adaptations June 2018
GenIsys Fantasy GF-01 The GenIsys Tome Now
GenIsys Fantasy GF-02 Tome of the Gods Now
GenIsys Fantasy GF-03 Libram of Magic Item Creation Now
GenIsys Fantasy GF-04 Libram of Magical Equipment Now
GenIsys Fantasy GF-05 Vows June 2018
GenIsys Fantasy GF-06 Psychic Libram Now
GenIsys Fantasy GF-07 Scion Now
GenIsys Fantasy GF-08 Tome of Alchemy June 2018
GenIsys Fantasy GF-09 Paths of Clergy and Cult Now
GenIsys Fantasy GF-10 Guild Paths Now
GenIsys Fantasy GF-11 Hero and Legend Paths Now
GenIsys Fantasy GF-12 Military, Noble House & School Paths Now
GenIsys Fantasy GF-13 Adventurer's Guild Now
GenIsys Fantasy GF-14 Character Sheets Now

GenIsys Games Gift Cards are avaiable in any denomination $5 to $50. Order Here!

TableSmith is the best tool for running a game I have ever had. The best part is with a little learning you can customzie these tables to generate what you want. You can get TableSmith here This is free software, but you should by the license for $10.

I am making my 23 Cypberpunk GenIsys Tables for TableSmith available, this will save you hours of work preparing for your game. Send $9 to and I will zip up the tables and send them off you. Make sure you put Cyberpunk GenIsys Tables in the comments so I know what to send you.

If you want to send us a donation to help us make our products better or to make more products, you can, via Paypal with a note: Donate Here.



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